Perry Jones

Born and raised here in the mountains of NC, I love the small town feel and exploring the mountains around the state with my family. While spending my childhood being homeschooled by my family, I discovered the Episcopal church through the Holy Family Church out in Mills River and immediately fell in love with the warm reception, open minds, and loving faith. It wasn’t long before we came to St. James and joined our community here and found that same spirit and love in every part of the people that call this church their own. With my schooling finished, I set out into the workforce and worked a variety of jobs both big and small, but always with the support of my family and community behind.  Being hired on to work at St. James in 2019, I hope to do this church proud and keep the place running as best I can!  I love to go out into nature and photograph, but I also like to watch movies and other media when weather comes a’ calling.

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