Teri Smith

My husband and I moved here in 2015 with an eye to hiking in the mountains, exploring this part of the state, and possibly retiring here if we found the right community. In Hendersonville and St. James, we accomplished all our goals. I came to St. James on 2017 as the director for the School for Little Folks. I loved being a member of this valuable ministry and within a few years completed confirmation classes and joined St. James. When the decision was made to close the school, I knew I would miss being a part of the staff and church on a daily basis. Happily, after consulting with the rector, I was able to take the position of part time Facility Manager after the school was completely closed in April 2020. What a crazy time to start this position. The first things I had to do was set up hand sanitizing stations and make sure we had adequate sanitizing supplies. But I am so happy that there is still a place for me to serve God, the people of St. James, and the wider community. I hope I can continue to be part of this loving, welcoming, serving church for a few more years. Thank you St. James for embracing me.

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