Over 100 people came to the latest drive-through Communion.  What a wonderful turnout!  Here are some pictures courtesy of Dorothy Fantle.

drivethru1    drivethru2    

drivethru3    drivethru4

If you are missing having your Forward Day by Day books, did you know they are available as podcasts?  Simply click the following button to visit Forward Movement's "Daily Prayer" website and follow the instructions there.   Daily Prayer  In fact, Forward Movement offers a aide variety of podcasts to support prayer and spiritual life, including daily reflections, the Daily Office, Noonday prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline. They are available at this web address. 

Weekday worship services, as well as Sunday Christian Formation and Sunday coffee hour are all available via the online meeting service, Zoom.  

According to the Episcopal News Service, the Book of Common Prayer and other devotional resources are being offered free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click here to learn more about this offer.

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