Judi Frame reports that St. James has just donated 46 more homemade masks to the Storehouse and Rescue Mission, and that a mask donation to Pardee Hospital is planned for next week.  

In less than 24 hours after the Resource Commission's email appeal for help, St. James parishioners were arriving at Cherry Springs Village with hot meals.  

Weekday Service Viewing:

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Mondays at noon (Noonday Prayer): meeting number is 921 4215 4909, password is 041339

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Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. (Morning Prayer): meeting number is 976 4540 7868, password is 026298

According to the Episcopal News Service, the Book of Common Prayer and other devotional resources are being offered free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click here to learn more about this offer.

In order to keep everyone as well educated as possible about the coronavirus, our Interim Rector has requested that the attached video be posted on our website.  Click the Read More to access the link to the video.