This weekend (July 24-25), the Saturday 5:00 PM and the Sunday 10:00 AM services will be livestreamed via the St. James Facebook page (  The Saturday service is recorded and may be viewed at a later time if you are unable to attend at 5:00 PM. 

We have included the links below for online viewers, so that you have access to the hymns and Book of Common Prayer.
Hymns at:

Rite I and II Holy Eucharist - Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion:
Beginning on page 355

It's official.  After months of searching, our church has called a new rector.  The details of the process and our new leader are presented below in several pieces.  First, Sr. Warden Mo Rainey has written a letter to the parish announcing the successful end of the search.  Second, The Rev. David Henson has also written to the parish, greeting us and anticipating a bright future together.  Third, you can enjoy a video message from our new rector, and finally, Rev. Henson's biography is presented in full.  To access these files, simply click on the appropriate button below.

Sr. Warden's announcement

New rector's letter to St. James

Video message from The Rev. David Henson 

Rev. Henson's biographical sketch

Christoph Herpel, St. James's Youth and Family Minister, has sent in the following thank-you note and photos related to this year's Vacation Bible School.

"A huge THANK YOU to all children and volunteers who made VBS awesome!  We learned about seeds, roots, branches, and fruit.  And we learned about how God's seed of love can grow in us and bear fruits. ❤️" [Christoph]

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CUBAN BLACK BEANS AND RICE BOWLS AT ST. JAMES, Sunday, August 29th from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (No Charge—No Tickets—Eat-in or Take-out)

Did you know that Forward Day by Day books are available as podcasts?  Simply click the following button to visit Forward Movement's "Daily Prayer" website and follow the instructions there.   Daily Prayer  In fact, Forward Movement offers a aide variety of podcasts to support prayer and spiritual life, including daily reflections, the Daily Office, Noonday prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline. They are available at this web address.