According to the Episcopal News Service, the Book of Common Prayer and other devotional resources are being offered free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click here to learn more about this offer.

Here is a ENS article from March 18th concerning the affect of the current pandemic on Episcopal worship as we approach Easter.  Click here to access the article.

In order to keep everyone as well educated as possible about the coronavirus, our Interim Rector has requested that the attached video be posted on our website.  Click the Read More to access the link to the video.

In 2018 Saint James implemented a preventative maintenance program. Kim Kramer began this endeavor from scratch and we now have a functioning system in place. Map Con software was selected which gives us the ability to archive repairs, replacement dates of components, serial numbers, vendor identification, costs, and much more. Kim has separated the church into specific sections for clarity and simplicity. Regular inspections and maintenance are now scheduled for the entire building and property. Rather than reacting to a problem after the fact, Map Con affords us the ability to identify and often minimize adverse issues in their infancy thus saving money and prolonging the service life of a specific component.

Click "Read More" below for detailed instructions on how to access the parish directories both on your computer and on your smart phone.