Dick Armstrong reports that this year's Thanksgiving Day feast was full of fun and great food.  Nothing proves the point better than Dick's photos, several of which follow.

St. James parishioners should be aware that on Thanksgiving Eve some members of the church received fraudlent email messages purportedly from our interim rector, The Rev. Carol Jablonski.  These messages convey a friendly greeting and then ask the recipient to respond to the note by return email, saying "I need to ask you a favor."  These fake emails ARE NOT from Carol.  Do not open them or respond to them.  This prank has some similarities to the SCAM emails send out under former rector Joel Hafer's name a few days ago (see the WARNING message below).  Repeat, do not respond to this latest round of fraudlent messages.  Thank you.

ATTENTION: The people of St. James are receiving a fraudulent email, purportedly from former rector Joel Hafer, asking them to purchase iTunes cards and to send them, plus a picture or two, to a fake email address using their smart phones. Note that doing this could provide the scammer with access to some of your personal information, as well as the money you invested in the iTunes card. This is a SCAM, folks, so please use common sense—do not respond to the soliciting email and certainly don’t give anyone any of your personal information or any money. Joel no longer uses his old St. James email address; this is an attempt to extort money, pure and simple. Please call the St. James church office if you have any questions or concerns.

The members and clergy of St. James are proud to host musician and singer Elisabeth von Trapp for their Candlemas Concert, now in its 30th year, which will take place at 4 PM on Jan. 26, 2020.

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