One of my favorite hymns is  “I sing a song to the saints of God…You can meet them in school, or in lanes or at sea, in church…” Since becoming a member of St. James this past year, I witnessed people who carry the message of being “Joyous saints who love to do Jesus’s will.’’

There is JOY in the music, in the sermons (not fire and brimstone messages!) and in the reaching out to a newcomer who clearly is an octogenarian. Joining a new church is “a leap of faith.” Fortunately, since I am a “Cradle Episcopalian,” I knew when to sit and when to rise! What was important was the sense of wanting to join what clearly appeared to be a vibrant, caring congregation. 

A congregation that carries out the message of “welcoming all, loving all and serving all” is a church in which I want to be a part of and find ways to contribute both financially and with whatever gifts I may have. That it should take thirteen pages to list all of the ministries available at St. James shows that the church is “Rooted in Abundance!” 
—Polly Feitzinger  

Bumper Sticker: “Don’t Postpone Joy.”