The May 2019 issue of "Bold Life," the monthly magazine focused on people and events in Hendersonville, includes a nice profile of St. James' tower bell ringers.  There are only two towers with rope-controlled bells in North Carolina and our church is fortunate enough to have one of them.  The bells are rung on Sunday mornings, for weddings and funerals, and on other special occasions, and the band is always looking for newcomers willing to be trained in this ancient art.  Free copies of "Bold Life" are available at many businesses downtown or online at  Please read about the St. James ringers and if you are interested in getting involved, you can either contact the church office (828-693-7458) and ask them to pass the information to the band's Ringing Master, Bob Aldinger, or you can email website editor Jim Loy (see the footer of this page for JL's address).