Parish Narrative

This Parish Narrative presents a story of who St James is and the ministries we accomplish. In presenting a picture of the income and expenses, the percentages you see are based on the operating and the total budget. We hope you take the opportunity to understand, question, and discuss what we do with the resources you have entrusted to St James. Through our nine ministry areas we serve the community and world, grow in faith and understanding, worship together, provide hospitality and pastoral care. Each of you is important and we thank you for your participation and contribution to the work of our parish.

St. James Mission Statement

Every member is vital as we follow the example of Jesus’ servant ministry to welcome all, love all, serve all, through Christ.

St. James Vision Statement

St. James will be a community of passionate servants who live out God's ever-present love through inspiring worship, faith-forming discipleship, and active ministries that make an impact in the church, the community, and the world.

At St. James, we sponsor over 80 ministries that show the love of Christ to parishioners, the community, and the world. These ministries are grouped into nine areas.

Worship and Music Ministries

St. James is blessed with a large volunteer support community for our wide range of worship experiences. Acolytes, altar guild, chalice bearers, flower guild, lectors, ushers, vergers, Allelu!, the St. James choir, and the change ringers were part of over 364 services in 2018. Many volunteer opportunities are available to help celebrate our faith.

 Operating Expenses 38%  Total Expenses 19%

Faith Formation

Faith formation is a lifelong journey. We offer a range of programs for each stage of life, including Sunday School for all ages, a Sunday nursery, confirmation classes, vacation bible school, mission trips, and meditation and dream groups. There are many opportunities for personal spiritual growth. St James has over 40 youth enrolled in our parish.

 Operating Expenses 13%  Total Expenses 7%

Community Service

We have a long history of living our ministry in the community. St. James provides outreach to community ministries that provide a framework to answer God’s call to help the needy. Community nonprofits receive funds through St. James Charities Foundation, Thursday Thrift Shop, and St. James’ Outreach Commission. We feed the hungry, help children locally and internationally, improve community housing, sponsor job training and scholarships for students, give to medical need funds, and so much more.

 Operating Expenses 18%  Total Expenses 16%


Parish Life

These ministries help us connect with each other. Parish life welcomes you to St. James the moment we greet you at the church door. Hospitality is offered on Sundays and at special events throughout the year. Opportunities to meet other parishioners are abundant. Many people have been touched by these ministries during the year through our focus to Invite, Welcome, and Connect.

 Operating Expenses 5%  Total Expenses 6%

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care provided by clergy and lay members expresses God’s love through support and care of our faith community. This love is offered through taking Eucharist to the homebound and hospitalized, delivering a meal to parishioners healing from injury or sickness, praying daily for specific individuals who need healing, providing companionship where needed, supporting neighborhood groups of parishioners, and offering grief work in groups when appropriate.

 Operating Expenses 6%  Total Expenses 3%


Communication is key to “spreading the word” through our monthly Epistle newsletter, website, and various PR pieces. Our internal communication includes weekly bulletins, email notifications and alerts, the online directory, the annual report, and various ministry brochures and printed information.

Less than 1% of expenses


Stewardship begins with the belief that all we have—our time, energy, creativity, financial resources, and life itself—has been given to us by God. We invite all St. James parishioners to prayerfully consider all that God has shared with them and to share a portion of their time, talent, and treasure with St James.

 Operating Expenses 3%  Total Expenses 2%

St. James School for Little Folks

Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for preschool children, embracing Christian values and principles while establishing a solid foundation for future academic growth and accomplishments. We acknowledge children’s needs to experience and learn at their own stage of development, and we balance readiness activities with assisting children in building secure relationships while developing critical thinking and reasoning skills. In 2018, we served 83 children.

 Operating Expenses 7%  Total Expenses 29%

Administrative Support

This area oversees the entire campus and the day-to-day fiscal responsibilities. The church staff guides and directs critical functions so that St. James meets its mission and long-term goals, while supporting each ministry. Our campus serves as a platform for our missions. The Memorial Garden provides a welcoming place for hospitality and prayer. The building and grounds committee, Wednesday work crew, and sexton keep the facilities in order so that we can perform the work God is calling us to do. Our worship, meeting rooms, and offices provide space for performing the administrative framework that supports our over 80 ministries.

 Operating Expenses 9%  Total Expenses 18%





St. James Vestry and Clergy Statement

We believe that everything we have is a gift that comes from God and that we are called by God to share these gifts.

We commit ourselves to evaluate our lives and our giving seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit through reflection and prayer and financially to give proportionately while working toward a 10% tithe.

As the Vestry and Clergy, we will lead by example in our commitment to give of our time, talent, and treasure, make a pledge annually, and be prudent, faithful stewards of the resources and gifts entrusted to St. James.

We invite the people of St. James to join us in prayerfully reflecting on the gifts we have received from God, to reflect on how our giving is a vital aspect of our relationship with God and one another, to give generously of our time, talent, and treasure to God’s work in and through St. James, and to express our gratitude to God by making an annual pledge, giving proportionately.


The Rev. Dr. Carol Jablonski, Interim Rector

The Rev. Christiana Olsen, Assistant Rector

The Rev. Tim Jones, Deacon


Kevin Todd, Senior Warden;
Vicki Wright, Junior Warden

Susan Danos, Tom Doyle, Mike Elrod, Dorothy Fantle, Trini Fares

Kirk Ferguson, Erika Garcia, Diane Jacober, Gil Rainey