More than Enough 2September 26, 2022
Dear sisters and brothers at St. James,

The greatest reward of our annual stewardship season is witnessing the power of your gifts funding the mission and ministry of St. James. Because of you, we can share our message of Christian love with so many, and oh, how fulfilling that is!

As each of us considers our financial gifts and commitments at St. James during this season, I invite you to spend some time reflecting on the ways our stewardship theme “More than Enough” has been true for you, even during the turbulence of the last few years. 

St. James has been blessed. Through two years of a pandemic, a clergy transition, and an emergency masonry repair, you have steadfastly sustained our ministry with your financial gifts and service. Many have given much more than they pledged. All of you are inspiring!  

In Ephesians 3:20, St. Paul tells us that God is able to do abundantly “more than we could ask or imagine.” His prayer asks God to help the Ephesians exhibit a faith that goes beyond knowledge and into action.  Accomplishing “more than we could ask or imagine” happens because of His strength–through the Holy Spirit within us.  

Our stewardship campaign is like that. Each of us imbued with God’s love makes a difference in the world because we have more than enough. Our contributions provide enough–enough not just to fund our operations but also to share our abundance to care for our neighbors, to make a difference in the community, and to plan our future.  

Every gift is a miracle, and every gift is love, the kind of love that protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres. Thank you for all that you do for the Church and for our neighbors, here in Hendersonville and around the world.  

Today, I ask you to prayerfully consider your financial commitment to our faith community in the coming year so that we can grow and deepen our ministry—to love God and our neighbors.  Whether you offer wealth, wisdom, or works, every gift goes toward the work God has given us to do in the world. Your partnership and participation are essential, and we are overwhelmingly grateful.    

Join us in prayer as we launch our annual gathering of gifts and gratitude.  Please complete the enclosed pledge card and return it to St. James by Sunday, October 30.  Thank you! 

janet doyleIn spirit of love,
Janet vL. Doyle


Stewardship Committee:  Ginny Faust, Elizabeth Henry, Mary Lance, Tom Marshall, Judith Reese, Vicki Wright