nunezRhona and I were raised by parents who kept us close to church communities. She had a great-grandfather who was an Anglican priest in England and my father’s family were active Episcopalians. We began our life together raising our children as active members of our parish. She taught Sunday school and I sang in the choir.

In 1972, after hearing lay witnesses at a Faith Alive weekend at our church, we made the decision to draw our family closer to Christ by not only making our church community the center of our lives, but to put our money where our faith was. We committed ourselves to the tithe, the biblical 10 percent, as the base of our giving to the church. We removed wealth accumulation as a primary goal and replaced it with faith. Jesus has never failed us. All five of our children are successful parents and two have become priests. We are very blessed. Our hearts do go where our treasure goes. Try it! You will love it.

—Charles Nunez