Rooted in Abundance 2We moved to Hendersonville in 2013. We visited several churches in the area, and even though St. James felt like the right church home, we initially thought it was too big, and we would get lost among all the other parishioners. But that was not the case. We discovered a very loving church where we could be of service in many areas. So we decided to give St.  James a closer look for a few years, which has now become 10 wonderful, enriching years. We have told others looking at St. James that if you cannot find a mission, you’re not looking deep enough. 

While being involved in mission work at St. James is certainly our number one priority, we recognize that we need to help keep the lights on, literally. So each year we prayerfully consider our financial commitment. And we’ve discovered that once you make that commitment, the rewards are overwhelming. This commitment is our way of giving back to God for the many blessings he has given us. 

—Larry and Katharine Burge