Dr._John_Hill.png I consider myself to be one of lucky ones, or perhaps I should say that I have received more than my fair share of blessings in this life.  When I look around and see so many   people in this community, this nation, and this world who suffer every day from want---want of clean water, food, shelter, not to mention all of the luxurious trappings in life   that we so often take for granted--I often ask why God has always given me more than enough of these things.  On top of all of the material needs in this life, God has always   given me more than enough love, whether from a nurturing family, close friends, my community, and of course our church family.  I have always felt that the work I do as a   doctor is just one small way that I can give back, by showing as many people as I can God's love at work.  When God gives me more than enough, I hope to find a way to give   that to others in any way I can.  I give financially to our church because I believe in the mission of St. James and the broader Episcopal faith to show the love of Christ to all   people, but especially to those who have the least--the marginalized, the poor, the "other."  I am proud to be a member of a faith community that believes that showing someone the love of Christ through our daily works is equally or more important than simply telling them about Jesus.  I will continue to support St. James in any way I can, including financially, and hope that all of you will pledge to do the same during this time of stewardship commitment.

–John Hill