2 1Many of you, just like my husband and me, know what it's like to make a decision to leave a comfortable way of life with friends, work colleagues, and busy activities, and move to a different location and in essence—start over! After the hustle and bustle of getting re-established, the next phase involves getting connected. I think my love of being a resident of Hendersonville, NC began when we entered St. James church. At first, just the beauty of the building and the familiarity of the service were sufficient, But I (the person who loves early mornings when the world is still quiet and I can “just be”) came to realize that I also crave community.

How abundant our lives have been since we moved here 23 years ago. By volunteering at the Thursday Thrift Shop, being on the Flower Guild, and taking part in the Foyers groups, we have not only enlarged our circle of friends, but we've learned so much about people's jobs, hobbies, and travels. As we share our stories with one another— our roots become deeply embedded. God's presence in my life is heightened by smiles, hugs, phone calls, or just a nod to acknowledge a shared experience.

Over the past couple of years, various health issues sometimes limit physically attending St. James, but on the occasions when we are able to return, I am overcome with JOY (sometimes to the point of tears)!

I don't know everyone by name, but worshipping with others and especially saying the prayers of the people fills me with a sense of peace and I realize how abundant my life is as part of the St. James community!

—Patricia Wearmouth