triniBy Trini Fares
More than Enough 2

Through out my 25-plus years at St. James, God has provided me more than enough. My first day at St. James, at the age of 8, God placed wonderful mentors in my life. They along with my grandmother instilled in me the importance that no matter your age you can make a positive impact and give back to your church and community.

Through their mentorship and my involvement, this helped me to grow spiritually. While participating in acolyting, chalicing, youth group, Vestry, and other wonderful things St. James offers, I learned that giving of my time not only helped me to spiritually grow and find a deep happiness of joy, but has made me not only want to give of my time and talents, but want to financially contribute because I want to see St. James continue to flourish. It has been a blessing to me to have clergy, parishioners who have become friends, and my grandmother to look up to and to know that they will always be there for me no matter the circumstance.

Please know that your time, talents, and gifts are truly appreciated and are used to help shape the future of St. James.