A group from St. James attended the “Synod” (which we know as “Diocesan Convention”) of the Diocese of Cuba on March 1-3.   The Winecoffs, Burges, and Watsons made the trip to represent our parish at the event and also to be present for the ordination of four young men to the Deaconate. One of the ordinands was Noel Josue Rodriguez Santos, a young man the visitors had met on two previous trips to our companion churches.

     Incidentally, this is the last time the event will be called a “Synod.”  Since Cuba is once again part of the Episcopal Church in the United States, the name will be changed to match the terminology of The Episcopal Church USA.  Next year, the Presiding Bishop will be present at their Convention to officially recognize the reunification, as well as for the signing of consents of conformity by all the Cuban clergy. It was exciting to participate in these events with our Cuban companions.