The Stewardship Committee (Janet Doyle, Ginny Faust, Elizabeth Henry, Mary Lance, Tom Marshall, and Vicki Wright) joins to thank everyone who pledged support to St. James's General Fund for 2021 and for continuing to give generously throughout the year! Because YOU gave, St. James is given the very special opportunity to have our wonderfully dedicated, devoted, and talented employees serve us in many valuable capacities. We cherish the gifts that they each contribute to our worship experiences and overall spiritual wellbeing. Thank you, all, for your gracious financial offerings! How fortunate we all are to have such a loving, caring and kind community of fellow parishioners!

And because YOU ALSO gave to the Capital Campaign, our church now has a beautifully updated kitchen! This will enable us to host our many gatherings in a place that is cleaner, more efficient, and better organized. In other words, it is more inviting for the people working there and for all of us! Updates include: replacing some cabinets with drawers, for better function and organization; replacing countertops with new Formica; installing two new faucets; deep cleaning the entire space, with special focus on the floors and ceiling tiles; relocating the coffee station so it has its own dedicated space; rewiring; and painting

Every effort was made to be good stewards of the Capital Campaign funds that were set aside for this purpose. Much of the kitchen work was done in-house by the Wednesday Work Crew and other volunteers, so expenses were kept to a minimum. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this possible!