John 10:10  “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”david reese

This year’s theme of abundance is certainly appropriate for the people of St. James who reside in beautiful western North Carolina. Our natural resources of mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, plants and weather are evidence of God’s abundant creation. We have people from across the country with multiple gifts and talents who share this with the parish and the community.

St. James has deep roots of supporting our many outreach ministries, volunteering for local organizations and assisting those less fortunate or in need. Individuals often step up to contribute to special projects or major building efforts when a need was expressed. And, our clergy, office staff and lay leaders share the abundance of their lives of faith daily.

The success of last year’s stewardship campaign was and is an example of individuals and families reaching deeper into the abundance we all have and giving from the heart.

St. James indeed has been abundantly blessed, and I am confident that this year the deep roots of stewardship once again will produce an abundant harvest.

—David Reese