kim taylorAs a lifelong Episcopalian the annual campaign of Stewardship evokes contemplative thought from a lifetime of church membership, attendance, worshiping and giving.  My life in the church has always been with family and acquaintances that soon become friends. I will keep my thoughts focused on our time here at St. James. We moved to WNC in June of 2017. We were in temporary housing for 6 months while completing construction of our home. We found St. James in the fall of 2017 and quickly became fond of the worship services we were familiar with. (On the traditional side). In early 2018 I found the Carpenter’s Club and the WWC (Wednesday Work Crew) Ministry.  Participating with these groups gave a feeling of rewarding volunteerism in a new community which I had not experienced. 

Friendships developed quickly and I soon became involved in additional Ministries. As we all know the Pandemic brought many challenges. During 2020-21 the work we did in these Ministries brought abundant rewards to the St. James community and communities outside our parish. During this time, we are asked to discern our commitment in terms of our Time, Talent and Treasure. As you see my comments were about my Time and Talent, be assured our treasures are included.  There is quite a bit more to this story however, I will finish with this simple notion. I am grateful for God giving me such wonderful guidance on my path of life, and I am especially grateful for God leading us to St James!   

—Kim Taylor