Stewardship Ministries, RC Liaison: Ginny Faust

Stewardship begins with the belief that all that we have—our time, energy, creativity, financial resources, and our life itself—has been entrusted to us by God, and that we are responsible for using these things in ways pleasing to God. Stewardship is about what we do with everything: the time or money we give to the church and the part we keep for ourselves.

Stewardship is not about what the church needs in order to do ministry. It is about our need to show our gratitude to God by returning a portion of what has been entrusted to us.

Stewardship is a spiritual practice that, like worship, prayer, study, pilgrimage, or service, increases our awareness of God and helps us to be more open to God’s grace. It’s a cycle of grace: as we show our gratitude to God, we become even more aware of how much God has given to us, which makes us even more grateful.


Statement on Stewardship

St. James Vestry and Clergy

We believe…

- that everything we have is a gift that comes from God.

- that we are called by God to share these gifts.

We commit ourselves…

- to evaluate our lives and our giving, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit through reflection and prayer. 

- financially to give proportionately while working toward a 10% tithe.

As the Vestry and Clergy, we will…

- lead by example in our commitment to give of our time, talent, and treasure. 

- make a pledge annually. 

- be prudent, faithful stewards of the resources and gifts entrusted to St. James.

We invite the people of St. James…

- to join us in prayerfully reflecting on the gifts we have received from God. 

- to reflect on how our giving is a vital aspect of our relationship with God and one another. 

- to give generously of our time, talent, and treasure to God’s work in and through St. James.

- to express our gratitude to God by making an annual pledge, giving proportionately from our income.


Stewardship Committee - Ministry Leader: Janet Doyle

Stewardship Committee nurtures formation in the spiritual disciplines of gratitude, generosity, and faithful stewardship of all God’s gifts to us.

Legacy Giving Committee - Ministry Leader: Elizabeth Henry

Legacy Giving Committee promotes legacy giving, sponsors the Legacy Society, and presents workshops about issues related to legacy giving, aging, and end of life issues.

Legacy Society - Ministry Leader: Elizabeth Henry

The Legacy Society includes all people who have included St. James in their wills or estate plans and have informed the Legacy Giving Committee of their bequest.

St. James Endowment Board - Ministry Leader: Gene Carr

The St. James Endowment Board ensures that the management of the St. James Endowment Fund and its disbursements are made in accordance with the purposes and policies of the Endowment.