Pastoral Ministries: The Reverend Christie Olsen
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Pastoral Care Coordinators and RC Liaisons: Vicki Wright and Judi Frame

 The pastoral care provided by St. James clergy and lay members expresses God’s love through support and care provided to our faith community. This love is offered through taking Eucharist to the homebound and hospitalized, delivering a meal to parishioners healing from injury or sickness, praying daily for specific individuals who need healing, providing companionship where needed, supporting neighborhood groups of parishioners, and offering grief work in groups when appropriate. These ministries need the prayers of the parish for support, direction, and expansion.

Daughters of the King - Ministry Leaders: Vicki Wright

Daughters of the King is an order for Episcopal women who pledge themselves to a lifelong program of prayer, service, and Evangelism.

Food Angels - Ministry Leader: Sara Rainey

Food Angels provide meals to those temporarily homebound.

Grief Group - Ministry Leaders: The Rev. Christie Olsen

Grief Group gives people knowledge of the grief process and offers a group of supportive people who have experienced loss themselves.

Intercessory Prayer List - Ministry Leader: Cindy Drake

This group of pray-ers intercede on behalf of those who request prayer.  Names are kept on a confidential list for three months.  

Lay Eucharistic Visitors - Ministry Leader: Ellen Fields

Lay Eucharistic Visitors bring the presence of Christ, in the Sacrament and the love of our parish, to those unable to attend our Eucharistic Services.

Neighborhood Ministries - Ministry Leader: POSITION OPEN

The Neighborhood Ministry is a way to keep in touch with parishioners and their spiritual and physical needs through captains in each of our neighborhoods.

New Baby Ministry - Ministry Leader: Erin Rainey

Pregnant women and new parents are offered encouragement and support by showing them they are valued and supported by the congregation.

Pastoral Home Visitors - Ministry Leader: The Rev. Christie Olsen

This newly forming team of trained lay pastoral caregivers will regularly visit parishioners – particularly those who are homebound or in crisis – who wish to have pastoral visits that don’t include Communion.