In last week’s Gospel, Peter asked Jesus: "Lord, will we have to forgive… seven times?” And Jesus told him, “Seventy times seven.”

One of my favorite films is Babette’s Feast. The story revolves around a small community of Christians that was founded by a charismatic pastor many years before.

The day you get the keys is always great.

In 1970, Larry and Judy Davis moved to a little town in the middle of the Southern Utah desert. The town is Boulder, Utah. That’s a perfect name for it because that’s pretty much all that is there. As you might guess, not many people actually move to Boulder. The reason the Davis family did is that Larry’s an archaeologist. He was hired to work at the local state park. He ended up being the manager of Anasazi State Park for 30 years.

The last time my husband and I were on a boat, I thought we were going to have to be rescued by the Coast Guard. We were halfway across Puget Sound out in Washington State, on a whale watching tour, when the small vessel we were on developed engine trouble.